The lexicon (1) (i.e. all allowable words) of Competitive Scrabble is made up of over 276,000 words, including inflected forms. It spans the whole range of vocabulary in English, including words from slang, dialect, American English etc., which are not normally found in the dictionaries most commonly used when playing Scrabble.


Below are comprehensive lists of the 2 and 3 letter words. Knowledge of these words is essential to play competitive Scrabble. Players with fewer than fifty games to their name can refer to these lists during games. For a printable list of 2 letter words, please click here. For a printable list of 3 letter words, please click here.


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36th Malta National Scrabble Championship:

Bingos Words & Meanings

[1] The word source of choice in CS is Collins Scrabble Words, which combines the words in the Collins Dictionary with those in the Chambers Dictionary and with those in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate. The latest version of CSW was published in 2019. You can find new 2 and 3 letter words marked with an asterisk at the top of the list below. Click here for a complete CSW19 Initation Kit.


2 Letter Words A-Z  •  3 Letter Words A-N  •  3 Letter Words O-Z
*ume (Japanese) a fleshy yellow fruit, similar to an apricot UMES
*vax short for vaccine and vaccination VAXES
*zen a state of calm attentiveness ZENS
oaf A lout; an idiot > OAFS or OAVES.
oak A kind of tree; its wood > OAKS.
oar To row a boat > OARS, OARING, OARED.
oat A kind of grass, the seeds of which are used as food > OATS.
oba In West Africa, a chief or ruler > OBAS.
obe A form of sorcery of African origin > OBES.
obi To bewitch > OBIS, OBIING, OBIED.
obo A vessel for carrying oil and bulk ore > OBOS.
obs (Pl.) OB, an objection.
oca A South American wood-sorrel > OCAS.
och (Scots) interj. expressing regret or impatience. Also ACH.
oda (Turkish) a room in a harem > ODAS. Also ODAH+.
odd Strange, unpaired > ODDER, ODDEST; ODDLY; (noun) in golf, an additional or allowed stroke > ODDS.
ode An elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something > ODES.
ods (Pl.) OD, a hypothetical force.
oes (Pl.) OE, a grandchild.
off To go off > OFFS, OFFING, OFFED.
oft (Poetic) often > OFTER, OFTEST.
ohm A unit of electrical resistance > OHMS.
oho An expression of triumph or surprise > OHOS.
ohs (3rd.) OH, to say oh.
oik An inferior person > OIKS.
oil A greasy, flammable liquid; (verb) to smear or lubricate with oil > OILS, OILING, OILED.
ois (Pl.) OI, a kind of New Zealand bird
oka A Turkish unit of weight > OKAS. Also OKE.
oke A Turkish unit of weight > OKES. Also OKA.
old Aged > OLDER, OLDEST; (noun) an individual of a specified age > OLDS.
ole (Spanish) a shout of approval > OLES.
olm A blind salamander > OLMS.
oma (German) a grandmother > OMAS.
oms (Pl.) OM, a Hindu sacred symbol.
one An individual thing or person; the number or figure 1 > ONES.
ono+ (Hawaiian) a kind of fish > ONOS+.
ons (3rd.) ON, to go on with.
ony+ (Scots) any. Also ONIE+.
oof (Slang) money > OOFS.
ooh To express pleasure or surprise with 'ooh' > OOHS, OOHING, OOHED.
oom (S. Afr.) uncle > OOMS.
oon (Scots) oven > OONS.
oop To bind with thread, join > OOPS, OOPING, OOPED. Also OUP.
oor (Scots) our.
oos (Pl.) OO, wool.
oot (Scots) an out > OOTS.
opa (German) a grandfather > OPAS.
ope (Poetic) to open > OPES, OPING, OPED.
ops (Pl.) OP, an operation.
opt To decide or choose > OPTS, OPTING, OPTED.
ora (Pl.) OS, a bone.
orb To form into an orb > ORBS, ORBING, ORBED.
orc A killer whale > ORCS. Also ORCA.
ord A point of a weapon > ORDS.
ore A solid mineral aggregate > ORES.
orf A viral infection of sheep > ORFS.
org (short for) an organization > ORGS.
ors (Pl.) OR, gold.
ort A leftover from a meal > ORTS.
ose An esker, a narrow ridge of gravel and sand > OSES.
oud A stringed instrument of Northern Africa > OUDS.
ouk (Scots) a week > OUKS.
oup To bind with thread, join > OUPS, OUPING, OUPED. Also OOP.
our Of or belonging to us.
ous+ (Pl.) OU, a man, a bloke.
out To put or throw out > OUTS, OUTING, OUTED.
ova (Pl.) OVUM, an egg.
owe To be in debt for > OWES, OWING, OWED.
owl To smuggle esp. wool or sheep from France > OWLS, OWLING, OWLED.
own To possess > OWNS, OWNING, OWNED.
owt (Dial.) anything > OWTS.
oxo Containing oxygen. Also OXY.
oxy Containing oxygen. Also OXO.
oye A grandchild > OYES. Also OE, OY.
oys (Pl.) OY, a grandchild.
pac A shoe patterned after a moccasin > PACS.
pad To cover or fill with soft material > PADS, PADDING, PADDED.
pah A Maori port or settlement > PAHS. Also PA.
pak (coll) a pack > PAKS.
pal A friend; (verb) to associate as a pal > PALS, PALLING, PALLED.
pam The knave of clubs > PAMS.
pan A broad, shallow container; (verb) to wash earth for gold > PANS, PANNING, PANNED.
pap To feed soft pap food to infants > PAPS, PAPPING, PAPPED.
par To score a standard number of strokes in golf > PARS, PARRING, PARRED.
pas (Fr.) a step (pl. PAS, but PASES exists as plural of PASE).
pat Hitting the mark precisely > PATLY; (verb) to stroke gently > PATS, PATTING, PATTED.
pav+ (Abbr.) PAVLOVA, a type of dessert consisting of a meringue base topped with whipped cream > PAVS+.
paw To scrape with a paw > PAWS, PAWING, PAWED.
pax (Lat.) peace > PAXES.
pay To remunerate > PAYS, PAYING, PAID; to seal with tar > PAYS, PAYING, PAYED.
pea A vegetable, the rounded seed of a climbing plant > PEAS or PEASE.
pec (Coll.) a pectoral muscle > PECS.
ped (Abbr.) pedestrian > PEDS.
pee The letter P; (verb) to urinate > PEES, PEEING, PEED.
peg A pin or fixture; (verb) to fasten with a peg > PEGS, PEGGING, PEGGED.
peh A Hebrew letter > PEHS. Also PE.
pel an earlier, now less common, word for a pixel > PELS
pen An implement for writing; (verb) to write down on paper > PENS, PENNING, PENNED; to put in a pen (enclosure) > PENS, PENNING, PENNED or PENT.
pep Vigour or spirit; (verb) to put pep into > PEPS, PEPPING, PEPPED.
per For each; by.
pes (Pl.) PE, a Hebrew letter.
pet A tame animal; a favourite; (verb) to treat as a pet > PETS, PETTING, PETTED.
pew A bench in a church > PEWS.
phi A letter of the Greek alphabet > PHIS.
pho An interjection expressing disgust or contempt > PHOS. Also FOH.
pht Interj. of mild anger.
pia A tropical plant > PIAS.
pic (Coll.) picture > PICS or PIX.
pie To reduce to confusion > PIES, PIEING or PIING, PIED. Also PYE.
pig A farm animal bred for food; (verb, slang) to eat greedily > PIGS, PIGGING, PIGGED.
pin A piece of wood or metal used for fastening; (verb) to fasten with a pin > PINS, PINNING, PINNED.
pip A small hard seed in a fruit; (verb) to offend or disgust > PIPS, PIPPING, PIPPED.
pir A Muslim title of honour, given to a holy man > PIRS.
pis (Pl.) PI, a letter in the Greek alphabet.
pit To make a pit in > PITS, PITTING, PITTED; (Scots) to put > PITS, PITTING, PUTTEN, PITTEN, PAT.
piu (Ital.) more.
pix A box in which coins are kept for testing > PIXES.
plu+ A beaver pelt > PLUS. Also PLUE+, PLEW.
ply A fold; (verb) to bend or fold > PLIES, PLYING, PLIED.
poa A meadow-grass plant > POAS.
pod To shell peas > PODS, PODDING, PODDED.
poh An interjection expressing contempt.
poi A Hawaiian dish of fermented taro > POIS.
pol A politician > POLS.
pom (Coll.) a Pomeranian dog > POMS.
poo To defecate > POOS, POOING, POOED.
pop A mild explosive sound; (verb) to make a pop > POPS, POPPING, POPPED.
pos (Adj.) positive. Also POZ.
pot A utensil used for cooking or storing; (verb) to cook or put in a pot > POTS, POTTING, POTTED.
pow (Scots) head > POWS.
pox To infect with pox > POXES, POXING, POXED.
poz (Adj.) positive. Also POS.
pre Before.
pro (Abbr.) professional, or prostitute > PROS.
pry To enquire impertinently into > PRIES, PRYING, PRIED. PRYS exists as an old form of PRICE.
psi A letter of the Greek alphabet > PSIS.
pst Interj. used to attract attention. Also PSST.
pub A public house; (verb) to visit a pub > PUBS, PUBBING+, PUBBED+.
pud (Coll.) pudding > PUDS.
pug To fill in with clay or mortar > PUGS, PUGGING, PUGGED.
puh (Shakespeare) pooh, interj. expressing disgust.
pul A coin of Afghanistan > PULS or PULI.
pun A play on words; (verb) to make a pun > PUNS, PUNNING, PUNNED.
pup To give birth to puppies > PUPS, PUPPING, PUPPED.
pur (Obs.) to purr > PURS, PURRING, PURRED. (PURING and PURED exists from PURE, to cleanse).
pus Thick yellowish bodily fluid > PUSES.
put To place; to throw > PUTS, PUTTING, PUT (PUTTED exists from PUTT).
puy A small volcanic cone > PUYS.
pwn (slang) to dominate or humiliate an opponent esp in online gaming > PWNED, PWNS.
pya A copper coin of Burma > PYAS.
pye To reduce to confusion > PYES, PYEING, PIED. Also PIE.
pyx To test a coin > PYXES, PYXING, PYXED.
qat An East African shrub > QATS. Also KAT, KHAT.
qin a kind of Chinese zither with silken strings › qins
qis (Pl.) QI, the physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers.
qua (Lat.) in the capacity of.
rad To fear > RADS, RADDING, RADDED.
rag A worn scrap of cloth; (verb) to tease or ridicule > RAGS, RAGGING, RAGGED.
rah To express joy with the sound of 'rah' > RAHS, RAHING, RAHED.
rai A modern North African form of popular music > RAIS.
raj In India, sovereignty > RAJES.
ram A male sheep; (verb) to push or cram down hard > RAMS, RAMMING, RAMMED.
ran (Pt.) RUN, to move quickly.
rap A sharp blow; (verb) to strike sharply > RAPS, RAPPING, RAPPED.
ras A headland; an Ethiopian prince > RASES.
rat To hunt rats > RATS, RATTING, RATTED.
rav a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor > RAVS
raw Uncooked > RAWER, RAWEST; RAWLY; (noun) a sore or irritated spot > RAWS.
rax To stretch > RAXES, RAXING, RAXED.
ray To emit rays > RAYS, RAYING, RAYED.
reb A Confederate soldier > REBS.
rec A recreation ground > RECS.
red A colour > REDDER, REDDEST; REDLY; (verb) to put in order > REDS, REDDING, REDDED.
ree (Scots) an enclosure for sheep > REES.
ref (Abbr.) referee > REFS.
reg A regulation > REGS.
reh An accumulation of salts on soil > REHS.
rei A Portuguese coin > REIS.
rem A unit of radiation dosage > REMS.
ren (Obs.) to run > RENS, RENNING, RENNED.
reo+ (Maori) a New Zealand language > REOS+.
rep To work as a representative > REPS, REPPING, REPPED.
res (Abbr.) reservation > RESES. Also REZ.
ret To soak esp. flax-stems > RETS, RETTING, RETTED.
rev A revolution in an internal combustion engine; (verb) to increase the speed of revolution > REVS, REVVING, REVVED.
rew (Spenser) a row > REWS.
rex An animal with a single layer of hair > REXES; a king > REGES.
rez (Abbr.) reservation > REZZES. Also RES.
rho A letter of the Greek alphabet > RHOS.
rhy (Spenser) rye > RHIES.
ria A drowned valley > RIAS.
rib A bone curving forward from the backbone; (verb) to tease > RIBS, RIBBING, RIBBED.
rid To free or clear > RIDS, RIDDING, RIDDED.
rif To dismiss from employment > RIFS, RIFFING, RIFFED.
rig To fit with sails; to equip or clothe > RIGS, RIGGING, RIGGED.
rim To provide with a rim > RIMS, RIMMING, RIMMED.
rin (Scots) to run > RINS, RINNING, RUN, RAN.
rip To tear open or apart > RIPS, RIPPING, RIPPED or (obs.) RIPT.
rit To score or scratch > RITS, RITTING, RITTED. Also RITT.
riz (US) (Pt.) RISE.
rob To steal > ROBS, ROBBING, ROBBED.
roc An enormous bird of Arabian legend > ROCS. Also ROK, RUC, RUKH.
rod To push a rod through > RODS, RODDING, RODDED.
roe A mass of fish eggs > ROES, ROED (having ROE).
rok An enormous bird of Arabian legend > ROKS. Also ROC, RUC, RUKH.
rom A gypsy man > ROMA, ROMAS, ROMS.
roo (Abbr.) kangaroo > ROOS.
rot To decay > ROTS, ROTTING, ROTTED.
row To propel through water with oars > ROWS, ROWING, ROWED.
rub To apply friction > RUBS, RUBBING, RUBBED; (Scots) to rob > RUBS, RUBBING, RUBBET, RUBBIT.
ruc An enormous bird of Arabian legend > RUCS. Also ROC, ROK, RUKH.
rud To redden > RUDS, RUDDING, RUDDED.
rue To regret > RUES, RUING or RUEING, RUED.
rug A heavy floor-mat; (verb, Scots) to pull roughly > RUGS, RUGGING, RUGGED.
rum Odd, droll > RUMMER, RUMMEST; a spirit distilled from sugar-cane > RUMS.
run To move quickly; to organise and/or control > RUNS, RUNNING, RUN, RAN.
rut To make a furrow with a wheel > RUTS, RUTTING, RUTTED.
rya A type of Scandinavian rug > RYAS.
rye A cereal grass; its grain > RYES.
ryu (Japanese) a school of martial arts > RYUS.
sac In biology, a bag-like structure > SACS.
sad Unhappy, sorrowful > SADDER, SADDEST; SADLY; (verb) to express sadness > SADS+, SADDING+, SADDED+.
sae (Scots) so.
sag To bend or hang down > SAGS, SAGGING, SAGGED.
sai The capuchin monkey > SAIS.
sal A large North Indian tree > SALS.
sam (Spenser) together; (verb) to gather > SAMS+, SAMMING+, SAMMED+.
san A discarded letter of the Greek alphabet > SANS.
sap A liquid circulating through plants; (verb) to drain > SAPS, SAPPING, SAPPED.
sar (Scots) to savour > SARS, SARING, SARED.
sat (Pt.) SIT, to rest on the buttocks.
sau A Vietnamese coin > SAU. No -S. Also XU.
sav+ (Abbr.) SAVELOY, a highly seasoned sausage > SAVS+.
saw A cutting tool with a toothed blade; (verb) to cut with a saw > SAWS, SAWING, SAWN, SAWED.
sax A slate chopper > SAXES. Also ZAX, ZEX.
say To utter in words, speak > SAYS, (obs.) SAYST, (obs.) SAYEST, (obs.) SAITH, SAYING, SAID, (obs.) SAIDST, (obs.) SAIDEST; to assay > SAYS, SAYING, SAYED.
saz A stringed instrument of North Africa > SAZES or SAZZES.
sea A great expanse of water > SEAS.
sec A secant > SECS.
sed (Milton) said.
see To perceive by the eye > SEES, SEEING, SEEN, SAW.
seg A stud in the sole of a shoe > SEGS.
sei A whale, a kind of RORQUAL > SEIS.
sel (Scots) self > SELS.
sen A Japanese monetary unit (pl. SEN, but SENS exists in its own right as an old form of since).
ser A unit of weight in India > SERS.
set To put or place in position > SETS, SETTING, SET.
sev (Hindi) an Indian food of deep-fried strands of flour > SEVS.
sew To work on with a needle and thread > SEWS, SEWING, SEWN, SEWED.
sex To identify the sex of > SEXES, SEXING, SEXED.
sey A part of a carcase of beef > SEYS.
sez (Slang) says.
sha Interj. requesting silence. Also SH, SHH.
she Pronoun used in referring to female person or thing > SHES.
shh Interj. requesting silence. Also SH, SHA.
sho a nonstandard spelling of sure, representing its pronunciation in the southern US.
shy Embarrassed, bashful > SHIER or SHYER, SHIEST or SHYEST; SHILY or SHYLY; (verb) to jump aside, recoil > SHIES, SHYING, SHIED.
sib A blood relation > SIBS.
sic To incite a dog to attack > SICS, SICCING or SICKING, SICCED or SICKED.
sif+ (S. Afr.) syphilitic, nasty.
sig a short personalized message at the end of an email, a signature > SIGS.
sik+ (Aust. sl.) excellent.
sim (Abbr.) Simeonite, an evangelical > SIMS.
sin A moral offence; (verb) to commit sin > SINS, SINNING, SINNED.
sip To drink in small mouthfuls > SIPS, SIPPING, SIPPED.
sir To address as
sis A contraction of sister > SISES.
sit To rest on the buttocks > SITS, SITTING, SAT or (obs.) SATE, SITTEN.
six The next whole number after five > SIXES.
ska A form of Jamaican music similar to reggae > SKAS.
ski A narrow strip attached to a boot for gliding over snow; (verb) to move on skis > SKIS, SKIING, SKIED.
sky To hit towards the sky > SKIES, SKYING, SKIED or SKYED.
sly Cunning, wily; surreptitious > SLIER or SLYER, SLIEST or SLYEST; SLILY or SLYLY.
sma (Scots) small.
sny A side channel of a river > SNIES.
sob To cry uncontrollably, taking intermittent breaths > SOBS, SOBBING, SOBBED.
soc The right of holding a local court > SOCS.
sod To cover with sods of turf > SODS, SODDING, SODDED.
sog To soak > SOGS, SOGGING, SOGGED.
soh A musical note > SOHS. Also SOL.
sol A musical note > SOLS. Also SOH.
som+ The standard monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan > SOMS+ or SOMY+.
son A male offspring > SONS, SONLY.
sop To soak > SOPS, SOPPING, SOPPED.
sos (Pl.) SO, a musical note.
sot To act as a sot, a habitual drunkard > SOTS, SOTTING, SOTTED.
sou An old small French coin > SOUS.
sov (Abbr.) sovereign, a gold coin > SOVS.
sow A female pig; (verb) to scatter seed on the ground > SOWS, SOWING, SOWED.
sox (Slang) socks.
soy A dark, salty sauce made from fermented beans > SOYS.
soz short for sorry
spa A resort with a mineral spring; (verb) to stay at a spa > SPAS, SPAING, SPAED.
spy A secret agent employed to watch; (verb) to watch secretly > SPIES, SPYING, SPIED or (obs.) SPIDE.
sri Sir, used as a Hindu title of respect > SRIS.
sty To keep in a sty > STIES or STYES, STYING, STIED or STYED.
sub To subscribe, substitute etc. > SUBS, SUBBING, SUBBED.
sud A rare singular form of SUDS, a froth of soapy water > SUDS.
sue To prosecute at law > SUES, SUING, SUED.
sug to attempt to sell a product while purporting to be engaged in market research > SUGS, SUGGING, SUGGED
sui (Lat.) of himself, itself.
suk A market place > SUKS. Also SUQ, SOOK, SOUK, SUKH.
sum The total, whole amount; (verb) to add, make up the total of > SUMS, SUMMING, SUMMED > SUMS. Also, an Uzbekistan currency > SUMS, SUMY+
sun The star that is the source of light; (verb) to expose to the sun's rays > SUNS, SUNNING, SUNNED.
sup To take liquid into the mouth > SUPS, SUPPING, SUPPED.
suq A market place > SUQS. Also SUK, SOOK, SOUK, SUKH.
sur (Fr.) on, above.
sus A suspect > SUSES; (verb) to arrest for suspicious behaviour > SUSSES, SUSSING, SUSSED.
swy An Australian two-up game > SWIES.
sye To strain > SYES, SYEING, SYED.
syn Since.
tab To name or designate > TABS, TABBING, TABBED.
tad A small amount > TADS.
tae (Scots) to toe > TAES, TAEING, TAED.
tag A tab or label; (verb) to put a tag on > TAGS, TAGGING, TAGGED.
tai A Japanese sea bream > TAIS.
taj A crown, a Dervish's tall conical cap > TAJES .
tak (Scots) to take > TAKS, TAKING, TAKEN, TOOK.
tam A cap with a broad, circular flat top > TAMS.
tan Brown > TANNER, TANNEST; (verb) to become brown in the sun > TANS, TANNING, TANNED.
tao A path of virtuous conduct in Chinese philosophy > TAOS.
tap A gentle knock or its sound; (verb) to knock gently > TAPS, TAPPING, TAPPED.
tar A black bituminous substance; (verb) to coat with tar > TARS, TARRING, TARRED.
tas (Pl.) TA, thanks.
tat To touch up > TATS, TATTING, TATTED.
tau A letter of the Greek alphabet > TAUS.
tav A Hebrew letter > TAVS.
taw To prepare skins for white leather > TAWS, TAWING, TAWED.
tax A contribution levied towards a country's revenue; (verb) to impose a tax on > TAXES, TAXING, TAXED.
tay (Dial.) tea > TAYS.
tea To take tea > TEAS, TEAING, TEAED.
tec+ (Sl.) a detective > TECS+.
ted To spread out grass for drying > TEDS, TEDDING, TEDDED.
tee To place a golf ball on a tee > TEES, TEEING, TEED.
tef An Ethiopian cereal grass > TEFS.
teg A sheep in its second year > TEGS.
tel In Arab countries, a hill or mound > TELS.
ten The next whole number after nine > TENS.
tes (Pl.) TE, a musical note.
tet A Hebrew letter > TETS. Also TETH.
tew To hustle > TEWS, TEWING, TEWED.
tex+ A unit of weight used to measure the density of yarn > TEXES+.
the The definite article.
tho (Spenser) those.
thy Of thee.
tic An involuntary twitching of muscles; (verb) to twitch > TICS, TICCING+, TICCED+.
tid (Scots) a mood > TIDS.
tie To fasten > TIES, TIEING or TYING, TIED.
tig To touch > TIGS, TIGGING, TIGGED.
tik the drug methamphetamine in crystal form > TIKS
til Sesame > TILS.
tin To coat with tin > TINS, TINNING, TINNED.
tip A gratuity; a helpful piece of advice; (verb) to give a tip > TIPS, TIPPING, TIPPED or (obs.) TIPT.
tis (Pl.) TI, a kind of tree.
tix+ (Sl.) tickets.
tiz a state of confusion.
toc Telecommunications code for the letter 'T' > TOCS.
tod To yield a tod, an old wool weight > TODS, TODDING, TODDED.
toe A digit on the end of a foot; (verb) to kick or touch with the toes > TOES, TOEING, TOED.
tog To dress > TOGS, TOGGING, TOGGED.
tom A male cat; (verb) to engage in prostitution > TOMS, TOMMING, TOMMED.
ton A unit of weight > TONS.
too Also; excess.
top The highest point; (verb) to cover the top; to surpass > TOPS, TOPPING, TOPPED.
tor A hill > TORS.
tot A small child or drink; (verb) to add or total > TOTS, TOTTING, TOTTED.
tow To pull along (behind) > TOWS, TOWING, TOWED.
toy An object for playing with; (verb) to play idly with > TOYS, TOYING, TOYED.
try To attempt; to make an effort > TRIES, TRYING, TRIED or (obs.) TRIDE.
tsk To utter such an exclamation of annoyance > TSKS, TSKING, TSKED.
tub To bathe in a tub > TUBS, TUBBING, TUBBED.
tug To pull forcibly > TUGS, TUGGING, TUGGED.
tui A New Zealand bird > TUIS.
tum (Coll.) stomach > TUMS.
tun To put in a tun, a large task > TUNS, TUNNING, TUNNED.
tup Of a ram, to copulate > TUPS, TUPPING, TUPPED.
tut To say 'tut' > TUTS, TUTTING, TUTTED.
tux (Abbr.) tuxedo, a dinner jacket > TUXES.
twa (Scots) two > TWAS.
two The next whole number after one > TWOS.
twp (Welsh) dim-witted or stupid.
tye To wash in a tye trough > TYES, TYEING, TYED.
tyg An old drinking-cup with two or more handles > TYGS.
udo A Japanese species of aralia > UDOS.
uds "Old interj. meaning ""God Save""."
uey A U-turn > UEYS.
ufo An unidentified flying object > UFOS.
ugh An old representation of a cough or grunt > UGHS.
ugs (3rd.) UG, to loathe.
uke A ukulele > UKES.
ule A Central American rubber tree > ULES.
ulu An Eskimo knife > ULUS.
umm Interj. expressing doubt or hesitation. Also UMM.
ump To umpire > UMPS, UMPING, UMPED.
ums to say um, umming, ummed
umu (Maori) a type of oven
uni (Coll.) university > UNIS.
uns (Pl.) UN, one.
upo Upon.
ups (3rd.) UP, to move up.
urb An urban area > URBS.
urd An Indian bean > URDS.
ure An extinct wild ox > URES.
urn To place in an urn > URNS, URNING, URNED.
urp+ (Sl.) to vomit > URPS+, URPING+, URPED+.
use To put to some purpose > USES, USING, USED.
uta Any of a genus of large lizards > UTAS.
ute (Abbr.) utility, a small truck > UTES.
uts (Pl.) UT, a musical note.
utu (Maori) a Maori settlement of a debt > UTUS.
uva A grape or grape-like berry > UVAE or UVAS.
vac A vacation; (verb) to clean with a vacuum cleaner > VACS, VACKING, VACKED.
vae In Orkney or Shetland, a bay or creek > VAES. Also VOE.
vag+ (Aust. sl.) to arrest someone for vagrancy > VAGS+, VAGGING+, VAGGED+.
van To go or send in a van > VANS, VANNING, VANNED.
var A unit of reactive power > VARS.
vas (Lat) a duct carrying liquid .
vat To put or treat in a vat > VATS, VATTING, VATTED.
vau An obsolete letter in the Greek alphabet > VAUS.
vav (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > VAVS. Also VAW.
vaw (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > VAWS. Also VAV.
vee The letter 'V' > VEES.
veg A vegetable > VEGES; (verb) to laze about, to engage in mindless activity > VEGGES, VEGGED, VEGGING.
vet To examine closely > VETS, VETTING, VETTED.
vex To distress or annoy > VEXES, VEXING, VEXED or (obs.) VEXT.
via (Lat.) a road > VIAE or VIAS.
vid (Abbr.) video > VIDS.
vie To contend in rivalry > VIES, VYING, VIED.
vig A vigorish, a charge paid to a bookie on a bet > VIGS.
vim Energy, vigour > VIMS.
vin (Fr.) wine > VINS.
vis (Lat.) force > VIRES.
vly Low-lying wet ground, a swamp > VLIES.
voe In Orkney or Shetland, a bay or creek > VOES. Also VAE.
vog air pollution caused by volcanic dust > VOGS.
vol In heraldry, two wings displayed and conjoined > VOLS.
vom (short for) to vomit > VOMS.
vor To warn > VORS, VORRING, VORRED.
vow A solemn promise; (verb) to make a vow or vows > VOWS, VOWING, VOWED.
vox (Lat.) a voice > VOCES.
vug A cavity in a rock > VUGS. Also VUGG, VUGH.
wab A web > WABS.
wad To form into a wad > WADS, WADDING, WADDED.
wae (Scots) woe > WAES.
wag To move from side to side > WAGS, WAGGING, WAGGED.
wai+ (Maori) water > WAIS+.
wan Pale > WANNER, WANNEST; WANLY; (verb) to make or become wan > WANS, WANNING, WANNED.
wap To throw or pull quickly > WAPS, WAPPING, WAPPED.
war (Obs.) worse > WARST, WAURST; (noun) a state of conflict; (verb) to make war > WARS, WARRING, WARRED.
was (Pt.) BE.
wat A Thai Buddhist temple or monastery > WATS.
waw (Spenser) a wave > WAWS.
wax A fatty substance; (verb) to treat with wax; to grow larger > WAXES, WAXING, WAXED or (obs) WOX.
way (Spenser) to weigh, esteem > WAYS, WAYING, WAYED.
waz (dialect) to urinate, also WAZZ.
web A fine structure spun by a spider; (verb) to envelop with a web > WEBS, WEBBING, WEBBED.
wed To marry > WEDS, WEDDING, WEDDED.
wee Small > WEER, WEEST; (verb) to urinate > WEES, WEEING, WEED.
wem (Arch.) the womb or belly > WEMS. Also WAME.
wen A sebaceous cyst > WENS.
wet Not dry > WETTER, WETTEST; WETLY; (verb) to make wet > WETS, WETTING, WETTED.
wex (Obs.) to wax, grow > WEXES, WEXING, WEXED. Also WEXE.
wey A measure for dry goods > WEYS.
wha (Scots) who.
who Pronoun used in referring to a person or people.
why The reason or cause of something > WHYS.
wig To scold; to provide with a wig > WIGS, WIGGING, WIGGED.
win To gain > WINS, WINNING, WON; to winnow > WINS, WINNING, WINNED.
wis (Sham arch.) to know. Also WIST.
wit (Arch.) to know > WITS, WITTING, WITTED.
wiz A very skilful person > WIZES or WIZZES+.
woe Misery > WOES.
wof+ (Aust. sl.) a fool, idiot > WOFS+.
wog An offensive word for a nonwhite foreigner > WOGS.
wok A pan used in Chinese cookery > WOKS.
won To dwell > WONS, WONNING, WONNED or WONT.
woo To court; to seek the support of > WOOS, WOOING, WOOED.
wop To thump > WOPS, WOPPING, WOPPED. Also WHOP, WHAP.
wos (Pl.) WO, woe.
wow To impress > WOWS, WOWING, WOWED.
wox (Obs.) past tense of WAX, to grow.
wry Twisted > WRIER or WRYER, WRIEST or WRYEST; (verb) to give a twist to > WRIES, WRYING, WRIED.
wud (Scots) wood; (verb) to load with wood > WUDS, WUDDING, WUDDED.
wus A Welsh term used for addressing a companion > WUSES (WUSSES exists as plural of WUSS).
wuz a non-standard spelling of was, representing dialect or informal pronunciation.
wye The letter 'Y' > WYES.
wyn A rune, having the value of modern English 'w' > WYNS.
xed X, to delete, cross out.
xis (Pl.) XI, a Greek letter.
yad+ (Hebrew) a hand-held pointer used for reading the Torah > YADS+.
yae+ (Scots) ae.
yag+ A type of synthetic garnet containing yttrium and aluminium, used in lasers and as a gem > YAGS+.
yah A variant of YEA, an affirmative vote > YAHS.
yak To talk persistently > YAKS, YAKKING, YAKKED.
yam A sweet potato > YAMS.
yap To bark sharply or constantly > YAPS, YAPPING, YAPPED.
yar Nimble > YARER, YAREST. Also YARE.
yas YA, an Asian pear.
yaw To deviate from a course > YAWS, YAWING, YAWED.
yay A variant of YEA, an affirmative vote > YAYS.
yea An affirmative vote > YEAS.
yeh (Coll.) yes. Also YEAH.
yen To desire or yearn > YENS, YENNING, YENNED.
yep (Coll.) yes. Also YUP.
yer (coll) your.
yes An affirmative reply > YESES; (verb) to give an affirmative reply to > YESSES, YESSING, YESSED.
yet In addition, besides; nevertheless.
yew A type of evergreen tree > YEWS.
yex To hiccup or belch > YEXES, YEXING, YEXED. Also YESK.
yez (coll) yes.
ygo (Spenser) past tense of go.
yid An offensive term for a Jew > YIDS.
yin (Scots) one > YINS.
yip To give a short, sudden cry > YIPS, YIPPING, YIPPED.
yob A lout > YOBS.
yod A Hebrew letter > YODS.
yok To laugh > YOKS, YOKKING, YOKKED. Also YUK.
yom A Jewish day > YOMIM.
yon Yonder.
yos (Pl.) YO, an interjection calling for effort.
you Pronoun referring to the person being addressed; informally in plural context YOUS+.
yow To yowl, howl > YOWS, YOWING, YOWED.
yug One of the four Hindu ages of the world > YUGS. Also YUGA.
yuk To laugh > YUKS, YUKKING, YUKKED. Also YOK.
yum Interj. expressing satisfaction.
yup (Coll.) yes. Also YEP.
yus (Pl.) YU, a kind of jade.
zag To change direction on a zig-zag course > ZAGS, ZAGGING, ZAGGED.
zap To destroy > ZAPS, ZAPPING, ZAPPED.
zas+ (Pl.) ZA, pizza.
zax A chopper for trimming slate > ZAXES. Also SAX, ZEX.
zea Part of a cereal, once used as a diuretic > ZEAS.
zed The letter 'Z' > ZEDS.
zee American form of ZED > ZEES.
zek An inmate of a labour camp in the former USSR > ZEKS.
zel An oriental cymbal > ZELS.
zep+ A long sandwich > ZEPS+.
zex A chopper for trimming slate > ZEXES. Also SAX, ZAX.
zho A cross between a yak and a cow > ZHOS. Also DSO, DZHO, DZO, ZO.
zig To change direction on a zig-zag course > ZIGS, ZIGGING, ZIGGED.
zin (Abbr.) ZINFANDEL, a kind of grape > ZINS.
zip To fasten with a zip > ZIPS, ZIPPING, ZIPPED.
zit A pimple > ZITS.
ziz To take a nap > ZIZZES, ZIZZING, ZIZZED.
zoa A plural of ZOON, a unified individual creature.
zol (S. Afr.) a cannabis cigarette > ZOLS
zoo A garden or park where animals are kept > ZOOS.
zos (Pl.) ZO, a cross beween a yak and a cow.
zuz An ancient Palestinian coin > ZUZIM.
zzz+ An interjection expressing sleep. Also ZZZS+.