The lexicon (1) (i.e. all allowable words) of Competitive Scrabble is made up of over 276,000 words, including inflected forms. It spans the whole range of vocabulary in English, including words from slang, dialect, American English etc., which are not normally found in the dictionaries most commonly used when playing Scrabble.


Below are comprehensive lists of the 2 and 3 letter words. Knowledge of these words is essential to play competitive Scrabble. Players with fewer than fifty games to their name can refer to these lists during games. For a printable list of 2 letter words, please click here. For a printable list of 3 letter words, please click here.


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36th Malta National Scrabble Championship:

Bingos Words & Meanings

[1] The word source of choice in CS is Collins Scrabble Words, which combines the words in the Collins Dictionary with those in the Chambers Dictionary and with those in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate. The latest version of CSW was published in 2019. You can find new 2 and 3 letter words marked with an asterisk at the top of the list below. Click here for a complete CSW19 Initation Kit.


2 Letter Words A-Z  •  3 Letter Words A-N  •  3 Letter Words O-Z
*bae (US) a person's sweetheart or lover, often used as an affectionate term of address BAES
*bao (Chinese) a steamed dumpling, usually eaten with a filling BAOS
*dox to publish personal information about (a person) on the internet DOXED, DOXES, DOXING
aah To express surprise > AAHS, AAHING, AAHED.
aal An Indian shrub > AALS.
aas (Pl.) AA, a type of lava.
aba An outer garment worn by Arab women > ABAS.
abb A textile yarn > ABBS.
abo An aboriginal > ABOS.
abs (Pl.) AB, an abdominal muscle.
aby To pay as a penalty > ABYS, ABYING, ABOUGHT. (ABIES exists as a fir tree). Also ABYE.
ace (To play) a winning serve in tennis > ACES, ACING, ACED.
ach (Scots) interj. expressing regret or impatience. Also OCH.
act To do in a specified way > ACTS, ACTING, ACTED.
add To make an addition > ADDS, ADDED, ADDING.
ado Bustle or fuss > ADOS.
ads (Pl.) AD, an advertisement.
adz US form of adze, a cutting tool > ADZES; (verb) to dress timber with an adz > ADZING+, ADZED+.
aff (Scots) off.
aft Behind; near the stern of a vessel, etc.
aga A Turkish commander > AGAS.
age To grow old > AGES, AGING or AGEING, AGED.
ago Past; since.
ags+ (Pl.) AG, agriculture.
aha Interj. expressing exultation or pleasure.
ahi+ (Hawaiian) the YELLOWFIN tuna > AHIS+.
ahs (Pl.) AH, an interjection.
aia An Indian nurse-maid > AIAS.
aid To help or assist > AIDS, AIDING, AIDED.
ail To be indisposed > AILS, AILING, AILED.
aim To point or direct > AIMS, AIMING, AIMED.
ain A Hebrew letter > AINS.
air The mixture of gases breathed by people and animals; (verb) to make known publicly > AIRS, AIRING, AIRED.
ais (Pl.) AI, a kind of sloth.
ait A small island > AITS.
aji a spicy pepper > AJIS.
aka+ (Maori) a New Zealand vine. No -S.
ake An old spelling of ache > AKES, AKING, AKED.
ala An outgrowth on a fruit > ALAE (ALAS exists as an interjection).
alb A priest's long, white vestment > ALBS.
ale A kind of beer > ALES.
alf+ (Aust. sl.) an uncultivated Australian > ALFS+.
all The whole; everything and everybody > ALLS.
alp A mountain > ALPS.
als (Pl.) AL, an E. Indian shrub.
alt A high tone > ALTS.
alu (Hindi) a potaton < ALUS
ama A maid > AMAS. Also AMAH.
ame (French) a soul < AMES
ami (Fr.) a friend > AMIS.
amp (Abbr.) ampere or amplifier; (verb) to excite > AMPS, AMPING+, AMPED+.
amu A unit of mass > AMUS.
ana A collection of someone's table-talk > ANAS.
and The symbol ampersand; something added > ANDS.
ane (Scots) one > ANES.
ani A tropical American bird > ANIS.
ann (Scots) a payment to a parish minister's widow > ANNS.
ans (Pl.) as in IFS AND ANS, things that might have happened, but which did not
ant A small industrious insect > ANTS. ANTED exists as the pt. of ANTE; ANTING exists as a noun.
any Some; whichever, no matter which.
ape A monkey; (verb) to imitate > APES, APING, APED.
apo+ A type of protein, short for APOLIPOPROTEIN > APOS+.
app+ (Abbr.) application program > APPS+.
apt Suited to > APTER, APTEST; APTLY; (obs.) to adapt > APTS, APTING, APTED.
arb (Abbr.) arbitrageur, a stocks and shares shyster > ARBS.
arc To form an arc > ARCS, ARCING or ARCKING, ARCED or ARCKED.
ard A primitive plough > ARDS.
are A unit of metric land measure > ARES.
arf A barking sound > ARFS.
ark To place in an ark > ARKS, ARKING, ARKED.
arm A limb; a weapon; (verb) to provide with weapons > ARMS, ARMING, ARMED.
ars (Pl.) AR, the letter 'r'.
art The creation of works of beauty; a human skill > ARTS, ARTY.
ary (Dial.) any.
ash To convert something into ash > ASHES, ASHING, ASHED.
ask To request, inquire or invite > ASKS, ASKING, ASKED.
asp A venomous snake > ASPS.
ass A long haired animal like a small horse; a stupid person > ASSES.
ate Reckless ambition that drives one to ruin > ATES.
ats (Pl.) AT, a monetary unit of Laos
att A Laotian monetary unit > ATT. No -S.
aua+ (Maori) the yellow-eye mullet. No -S.
aue+ (Maori) an exclamation of pain, distress or astonishment. No -S.
auf (Obs.) an elf's child > AUFS.
auk A type of sea-bird > AUKS.
ava An aromatic plant of the pepper family > AVAS. Also KAVA.
ave A recitation of the prayer to the Virgin Mary > AVES.
avo A monetary unit of Macao > AVOS.
awa (Scots) away.
awe To strike with awe > AWES, AWING or AWEING, AWED.
awk a computer-programming language used for data processing > AWKS
awl A pointed tool for boring > AWLS.
awn To shelter with an awning > AWNS, AWNED, AWNING.
axe A tool for chopping; to chop or cut down > AXES, AXING, AXED.
aye An affirmative vote > AYES.
ays The plural of AY, an affirmative vote.
ayu A small fish > AYUS.
azo Containing nitrogen.
baa To bleat as a sheep > BAAS, BAAING, BAAED.
bac (Abbr.) baccalaureate > BACS.
bad Evil, wicked > BADDER, BADDEST; BADLY; (noun) something evil > BADS.
bag A receptacle for containing something; (verb) to put into a bag > BAGS, BAGGING, BAGGED.
bah Interj. expressing disgust or contempt.
bal A balmoral, a type of shoe > BALS.
bam To hoax or cheat > BAMS, BAMMING, BAMMED.
ban A Romanian coin > BANI; (verb) to forbid or prohibit > BANS, BANNING, BANNED.
bap A large, flat breakfast roll > BAPS.
bar To obstruct or prevent > BARS, BARRING, BARRED.
bas (Pl.) BA, the soul in ancient Egyptian religion.
bat A flying mammal; an implement for striking a ball; (verb) to strike with a bat > BATS, BATTING, BATTED.
bay To bark or howl > BAYS, BAYING, BAYED.
bed A place to sleep on; (verb) to put to bed > BEDS, BEDDING, BEDDED.
bee An insect that makes honey > BEES.
beg To ask for > BEGS, BEGGING, BEGGED.
bel A measure of noise > BELS.
ben A mountain > BENS.
bes+ (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > BESES+. Also BETH.
bet To wager > BETS, BETTING, BET or BETTED.
bey A Turkish governor > BEYS.
bez The second tine of a deer's horn > BEZES.
bib To tipple > BIBS, BIBBING, BIBBED.
bid To make an offer > BIDS, BIDDING, BID; to express a greeting > BIDS, BIDDING, BIDDEN, BID, BADE.
big Sizeable > BIGGER, BIGGEST, BIGLY; (Scots) to build > BIGS, BIGGING, BIGGED.
bin To place into a bin > BINS, BINNING, BINNED.
bio (Abbr.) biography > BIOS.
bis Twice.
bit To curb or restrain > BITS, BITTING, BITTED.
biz Slang for business > BIZZES (BIZES exists as the plural of BIZE).
boa A large constricting snake > BOAS.
bob To move quickly up and down > BOBS, BOBBING, BOBBED.
bod A person > BODS.
bog A marsh; (verb) to sink > BOGS, BOGGING, BOGGED.
boh An exclamation used to startle someone > BOHS.
boi+ (Sl.) a lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners > BOIS+.
bok A goat or antelope > BOKS.
bon (Fr.) good.
boo A sound expressing disapproval or contempt; (verb) to make such a sound > BOOS, BOOING, BOOED.
bop To dance to pop music > BOPS, BOPPING, BOPPED.
bor East Anglian form of address meaning neighbour > BORS.
bos (Pl.) BO, a term of address.
bot To cadge > BOTS, BOTTING, BOTTED.
bow A bending of neck or body in greeting; (verb) to bend or incline downwards > BOWS, BOWING, BOWED.
box To put into a box; to strike with the hand or fists > BOXES, BOXING, BOXED.
boy To play (a female part) as a boy > BOYS, BOYING, BOYED.
bra (Abbr.) brassiere > BRAS.
bro A place for which one feels a strong affinity > BROS.
brr Interj. to indicate cold. Also BRRR.
bru+ (S. Afr.) a friend > BRUS+.
bub (Obs.) a strong drink > BUBS.
bud To produce buds > BUDS, BUDDING, BUDDED.
bug To annoy > BUGS, BUGGING, BUGGED.
bum Wrong, dud > BUMMER, BUMMEST; (noun) a tramp or sponger; (verb) to cadge > BUMS, BUMMING, BUMMED.
bun A kind of sweet roll or cake > BUNS.
bur A continual humming sound; to speak with a bur > BURS, BURRING, BURRED. Also BURR.
bus To travel or transport by bus > BUSES or BUSSES, BUSING or BUSSING, BUSED or BUSSED.
but To put forward as an objection > BUTS, BUTTING, BUTTED.
buy To purchase > BUYS, BUYING, BOUGHT.
bye A pass to the next round (of a competition, etc.) > BYES.
bys (Pl.) BY, a bye.
caa+ (Scots) to call > CAAS+, CAAING+, CAAED+.
cab To travel by taxi > CABS, CABBING, CABBED.
cad A dishonourable man > CADS.
caf a cafeteria or cafe > CAFS.
cag+ A cagoule > CAGS+.
cal (short for) calorie, as in low cal.
cam To whiten with camstone > CAMS, CAMMING, CAMMED.
can A container of tin-plate; (verb) to store in such a container > CANS, CANNING, CANNED.
cap To put a cap on something > CAPS, CAPPING, CAPPED.
car A self-propelled wheeled vehicle > CARS.
cat To vomit > CATS, CATTING, CATTED.
caw To cry as a crow > CAWS, CAWING, CAWED. Also KAW.
cay A low islet > CAYS.
caz+ (Sl.) casual.
cee The letter 'C' > CEES.
cel (Abbr.) celluloid > CELS.
cep A kind of edible mushroom > CEPS.
cha Tea > CHAS.
che (Shakespeare) I.
chi The twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet > CHIS. Also KHI.
cid A chief, captain or hero > CIDS.
cig (Abbr.) cigarette > CIGS.
cis Having certain atoms on the same side of the molecule.
cit A contemptuous term for one who is not a gentleman > CITS.
cly To seize or steal > CLIES, CLYING, CLIED.
cob To strike > COBS, COBBING, COBBED.
cod To hoax or make fun of > CODS, CODDING, CODDED.
cog To furnish with cogs > COGS, COGGING, COGGED.
col A pass in a mountain range > COLS.
con A trick or swindle; (verb) to trick, or persuade by dishonest means > CONS, CONNING, CONNED.
coo To make a sound like a dove > COOS, COOING, COOED.
cop To capture > COPS, COPPING, COPPED.
cor A Hebrew measure > CORS.
cos A crisp, long-leaved lettuce > COSES. (COSSES exists as plural of COSS).
cot A small bed for a young child > COTS; (verb) to entangle > COTS, COTTING+, COTTED.
cow The female of bovine and some other animals > COWS, KINE, KY, KYE; (verb) to subdue > COWS, COWING, COWED.
cox To steer a rowing boat > COXES, COXING, COXED.
coy Modest, bashful > COYER, COYEST; COYLY; (verb) to caress > COYS, COYING, COYED.
coz (Abbr.) cousin > COZZES. (COZES exists from COZE). Also CUZ.
cru (Fr.) a vineyard > CRUS.
cry To utter a sound of pain or grief > CRIES, CRYING, CRIED.
cub To produce cubs > CUBS, CUBBING, CUBBED.
cud Food chewed again by a ruminating animal > CUDS.
cue To give a cue as a signal > CUES, CUING or CUEING, CUED.
cum With the addition of.
cup To form into a cup shape > CUPS, CUPPING, CUPPED.
cur A worthless mongrel dog > CURS.
cut To make an incision in; to reduce > CUTS, CUTTING, CUT.
cuz Abbrev.) cousin > CUZZES. Also COZ.
cwm A Welsh word for valley > CWMS.
dab To touch or press gently > DABS, DABBING, DABBED.
dad To thump > DADS, DADDING, DADDED.
dae (Scots) to do > DAES, DAEING, DONE, DID.
dag To cut the dags off sheep > DAGS, DAGGING, DAGGED.
dah A Burmese knife > DAHS. Also DA.
dak In India, the mail or post > DAKS.
dal (Hindi) an Indian name for a lentil > DALS. Also DHAL, DAHL, DHOLL.
dam To restrain water with an embankment or bank > DAMS, DAMMING, DAMMED.
dan A level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports > DANS.
dap To dip bait gently into the water when fishing > DAPS, DAPPING, DAPPED.
das (Pl.) DA, a Burmese knife.
daw To dawn > DAWS, DAWING, DAWED.
day The time when it is light > DAYS.
deb (Coll.) debutante > DEBS.
dee A substitute for damn > DEES, DEEING, DEED.
def Excellent, brilliant > DEFFER, DEFFEST.
deg+ (Dial.) to water ( e.g. a plant) > DEGS+, DEGGING+, DEGGED+.
dei The plural of DEUS (Latin for god).
del A mathematical symbol > DELS.
den To retire to a den > DENS, DENNING, DENNED.
dep a convenience store > DEPS.
dev A Hindu god > DEVS. Also DEVA.
dew To moisten as with dew > DEWS, DEWING, DEWED.
dex A sulfate used as a stimulant > DEXES.
dey Formerly, the pasha of Algiers > DEYS.
dib To dip bait gently into the water when fishing > DIBS, DIBBING, DIBBED.
did (Pt.) DO.
die To depart from life > DIES, DYING, DIED; to cut or shape with a die > DIES, DIEING, DIED.
dif+ Difference > DIFS+. Also DIFF.
dig To excavate > DIGS, DIGGING, DIGGED or DUG.
dim Not bright > DIMMER, DIMMEST; DIMLY; (verb) to make dim > DIMS, DIMMING, DIMMED.
din To make a loud noise > DINS, DINNING, DINNED.
dip To immerse briefly; to lower > DIPS, DIPPING, DIPPED or DIPT.
dis To dismiss, put down > DISSES, DISSING, DISSED.
dit (Scots) to block > DITS, DITTING, DITTED.
div An evil spirit of Persian mythology > DIVS.
dob To inform on or betray > DOBS, DOBBING, DOBBED.
doc (Abbr.) doctor > DOCS.
dod To cut the hair of > DODS, DODDING, DODDED.
doe The female of a deer, rabbit and some other animals > DOES.
dof+ (S. Afr.) stupid.
dog To follow like a dog > DOGS, DOGGING, DOGGED.
doh A musical note > DOHS.
dol A unit of pain intensity > DOLS.
dom A title given to certain monks > DOMS.
don A university lecturer, etc.; (verb) to put on (clothes, etc.) > DONS, DONNING, DONNED.
doo (Scots) dove or pigeon > DOOS.
dor To mock > DORS, DORRING, DORRED.
dos (Pl.) DO, a musical note.
dot A very small spot; (verb) to make such a spot > DOTS, DOTTING, DOTTED.
dow To be able > DOWS, DOWING, DOCHT or DOUGHT or DOWED.
doy+ (Dial.) beloved person > DOYS+.
dry Not wet > DRIER or DRYER, DRIEST or DRYEST; (noun) a prohibitionist > DRYS; (verb) to make dry > DRIES, DRYING, DRIED.
dso A Himalayan ox > DSOS. Also ZO, DZO, ZHO, DZHO.
dub To add sound effects, etc., to > DUBS, DUBBING, DUBBED.
dud Something or someone ineffectual > DUDS.
due Required > DULY; (verb) to endue > DUES, DUING, DUED.
dug The teat or udder of a female mammal > DUGS.
duh+ An ironic response to a question.
dui (Pl.) DUO, two people considered a pair for a specific reason.
dum cooked with steam.
dun A grey colour > DUNNER, DUNNEST; (verb) to press for payment > DUNS, DUNNING, DUNNED.
duo Two people considered a pair for a specific reason > DUI or DUOS.
dup To undo > DUPS, DUPPED, DUPPING.
dux A leader > DUCES or DUXES.
dye To stain > DYES, DYEING, DYED.
dzo A cross between a yak and a cow > DZOS. Also DSO, DZHO, ZO, ZHO.
ean (Shakespeare) to give birth to > EANS, EANING, EANED.
ear To produce corn ears > EARS, EARING, EARED.
eas (Pl.) EA, a river.
eat To consume by mouth > EATS, EATING, EATEN, ATE or (obs.) ET.
eau (Fr.) water > EAUS or EAUX.
ebb To move back from the land (of the tide) > EBBS, EBBING, EBBED.
ech (Shakespeare) to eke out > ECHES, ECHING, ECHED. Also ICH.
eco+ (Contraction for.) ECOLOGY > ECOS+.
ecu A European unit of currency > ECUS.
edh A letter used in old English > EDHS. Also ETH .
eds+ (Pl.) ED, education.
eek Interj. expressing fright.
eel A long, smooth, cylindrical fish > EELS.
een (Scots) plural of EE, eye.
eew an interjection used to express disgust, also EEEW.
eff A euphemism for fuck > EFFS, EFFING, EFFED.
efs (Pl.) EF, the letter 'f'.
eft A newt > EFTS.
egg An oval or round body from which young are hatched; (verb) to add eggs to (in cooking, etc.) > EGGS, EGGING, EGGED.
ego "The ""I"" or self > EGOS."
ehs (3rd.) EH, to say eh.
eik (Scots) to eke > EIKS, EIKING, EIKED.
eke To add > EKES, EKING, EKED.
eld (Obs.) age, old age > ELDS.
elf A fairly-like being > ELVES; (Shakespeare) to entangle hair > ELFS, ELFING, ELFED.
elk A kind of large deer > ELKS.
ell A measure of length > ELLS.
elm A kind of tree > ELMS.
els (Pl.) EL, the letter L.
elt A young sow > ELTS.
eme (Obs.) uncle > EMES.
emo+ A type of music combining traditional hard rock with personal and emotional lyrics > EMOS+.
ems (Pl.) EM, a printing unit.
emu A flightless, fast-running bird > EMUS.
end To finish or close > ENDS, ENDING, ENDED.
ene (Poetic) evening > ENES.
eng A phonetic symbol > ENGS.
ens (Pl.) EN, a printing unit.
eon A long period of time > EONS. Also AEON.
era A series of years; an age > ERAS.
ere (Obs.) to plough > ERES, ERING, ERED.
erf A South African garden plot > ERVEN.
erg A unit of work > ERGS.
erk A slang word for aircraftsman > ERKS.
erm expressing hesitation or doubt
ern (Obs.) to earn > ERNS, ERNING, ERNED.
err To make a mistake > ERRS, ERRING, ERRED.
ers The bitter vetch > ERSES.
ess The letter 'S' > ESSES. Also ES.
est A programme designed to develop human potential (Erhard Seminars Training) > ESTS.
eta A letter of the Greek alphabet > ETAS.
eth A letter used in old English > ETHS. Also EDH .
eve (Poetic) evening > EVES.
evo+ (Aust. sl.) evening > EVOS+.
ewe A female sheep > EWES.
ewt (Obs.) a newt, a tailed amphibious animal > EWTS.
exo+ (Aust. sl.) excellent.
eye To look at carefully > EYES, EYING or EYEING, EYED.
faa+ (Scots) to fall > FAAS+, FAAING+, FAAN+, FELL, FALLEN.
fab Marvellous > FABBER, FABBEST; (noun) fabrication > FABS+.
fad A craze > FADS.
fae+ (Scots) from.
fag To work, or be worked, hard > FAGS, FAGGING, FAGGED.
fah A musical note > FAHS. Also FA.
fan A instrument used for cooling; (verb) to cool, as with a fan > FANS, FANNING, FANNED.
fap Fuddled or drunk .
far A long way off > FARTHER or FURTHER, FARTHEST or FURTHEST; to remove to a distance > FARS, FARRING, FARRED.
fas (Pl.) FA, a musical note.
fat Stoutly built > FATTER, FATTEST; FATLY; (verb) to make or grow fat > FATS, FATTING, FATTED.
faw A gypsy > FAWS.
fax To send messages via a machine that scans electronically > FAXES, FAXING, FAXED.
fay Whimsical > FAYER, FAYEST; to clean out esp. a ditch > FAYS, FAYING, FAYED. Also FEY.
fed U.S. slang for federal agent > FEDS.
fee To pay a fee to > FEES, FEEING, FEED.
feg+ (Dial.) a segment of an orange: FEGS (FEGS was already valid as interjection)..
feh A Hebrew coin > FEHS. Also PE, PEH.
fem A passive homosexual > FEMS.
fen Low marshy land > FENS.
fer (Dial.) for.
fes+ (Pl.) FE+, a Hebrew letter.
fet (Obs.) to fetch > FETS, FETTING, FETTED. Also FETT.
feu To grant or hold land in feu land tenure > FEUS, FEUING, FEUED.
few Not many > FEWER, FEWEST.
fey Whimsical > FEYER, FEYEST; (verb) to clean out esp. a ditch > FEYS, FEYING, FEYED. Also FAY.
fez A red brimless cap of wool or felt > FEZES or FEZZES, FEZZED.
fib A small lie; (verb) to tell a small lie > FIBS, FIBBING, FIBBED.
fid A conical pin of hard wood > FIDS.
fie Whimsical, fey > FIER, FIEST; interj. expressing disapproval.
fig To dress up > FIGS, FIGGING, FIGGED.
fil The shaft of a vehicle > FILS.
fin To equip with fins > FINS, FINNING, FINNED.
fir A kind of conifer > FIRS.
fit Healthy, suitable > FITTER, FITTEST; (verb) to make suitable > FITS, FITTING, FITTED.
fix To make firm, to arrange > FIXES, FIXING, FIXED or FIXT.
fiz To make a hissing or sputtering sound > FIZZES, FIZZING, FIZZED. Also FIZZ.
flu (Abbr.) influenza > FLUS.
fly Surreptitious or sly > FLIER or FLYER, FLIEST or FLYEST; (verb) to travel through the air > FLIES, FLYING, FLOWN, FLEW; to hit a ball high into the air in baseball > FLIES, FLYING, FLIED.
fob To put off > FOBS, FOBBING, FOBBED. Also FUB.
foe An enemy > FOES or (obs.) FOEN or FONE.
fog To be affected by fog > FOGS, FOGGING, FOGGED.
foh Interj. expressing disgust or contempt > FOHS. Also PHO.
fon To fool, be foolish > FONS, FONNING, FONNED.
foo a name for a temporary computer variable or file > FOOS.
fop To deceive > FOPS, FOPPING, FOPPED.
for In the place of; in favour of; towards.
fou A bushel > FOUS.
fox To act cunningly, to cheat > FOXES, FOXING, FOXED.
foy Allegiance, loyalty > FOYS.
fra (Ital.) brother > FRAS.
fro (Obs.) from; (noun) an African hairstyle > FROS+.
fry To cook in oil or fat > FRIES, FRYING, FRIED.
fub To put off > FUBS, FUBBING, FUBBED. Also FOB.
fud A rabbit or hare's tail > FUDS.
fug A very hot, close atmosphere; (verb) to cause a fug in > FUGS, FUGGING, FUGGED.
fum A fabulous Chinese bird > FUMS. Also FUNG.
fun Providing enjoyment > FUNNER, FUNNEST; (verb) to play, frolic > FUNS, FUNNING, FUNNED.
fur To cover or coat with fur > FURS, FURRING, FURRED.
gab To chatter > GABS, GABBING, GABBED.
gad To wander about idly > GADS, GADDING, GADDED.
gae (Scots) to go > GAES, GAEING, GAEN, GAUN, GAED.
gag To silence > GAGS, GAGGING, GAGGED.
gak (slang) cocaine > GAKS
gal A girl > GALS.
gam A school of whales; (verb) to join up in a gam > GAMS, GAMMING, GAMMED.
gan (Pt.) GIN, to begin; also, to go > GANS+, GANNING+, GANNED+.
gap To make a gap in > GAPS, GAPPING, GAPPED.
gar (Scots) to compel > GARS, GARRING, GARRED or GART.
gas A state of matter > GASES; (verb) to poison with gas > GASSES, GASSING, GASSED.
gat A pistol > GATS.
gau A German political district of the Nazi regime > GAUS.
gaw an imperfect rainbow or other supposed sign of coming weather > GAWS
gay Cheerful > GAYER, GAYEST; GAILY or GAYLY; a homosexual > GAYS.
ged (Dial.) a pike > GEDS.
gee Of horses, to move on > GEES, GEEING, GEED.
gel To form a gelatinous substance > GELS, GELLING, GELLED.
gem To adorn with gems > GEMS, GEMMING, GEMMED.
gen General information; (verb) to gain information > GENS, GENNING+, GENNED+.
geo A gully or creek > GEOS. Also GIO, GOE.
ger in Mongolia, another name for a YURT, a felt tent > GERS
get To obtain > GETS, GETTING, GOTTEN, GOT.
gey Considerable > GEYER, GEYEST.
ghi Clarified butter > GHIS. Also GHEE.
gib A wedge-shaped piece of metal; (verb) to fasten with a gib > GIBS, GIBBING, GIBBED.
gid A sheep disease > GIDS.
gie (Scots) to give > GIES, GIEING, GIEN, GIED or GAE.
gif (Arch.) if.
gig To play a gig > GIGS, GIGGING, GIGGED.
gin To process cotton > GINS, GINNING, GINNED; (arch.) to begin > GINS, GINNING, GAN.
gio A gully or creek > GIOS. Also GOE, GEO.
gip To swindle > GIPS, GIPPING, GIPPED. Also GYP.
gis (Pl.) GI, a karate costume.
git A stupid person; (verb) to get > GITS, GITTING+, GITTED+.
gju A type of violin formerly used in Shetland > GJUS. Also GU, GUE.
gnu An African antelope > GNUS.
goa A Tibetan gazelle > GOAS.
gob To spit > GOBS, GOBBING, GOBBED.
god To deify > GODS, GODDING, GODDED.
goe A gully or creek > GOES. Also GEO, GIO .
gon A geometrical grade > GONS.
goo A sticky substance > GOOS.
gor Interj. used as a mild oath.
gos (Pl.) GO, a turn.
got (Pt.) GET, to obtain.
gov (abbrev.) governor > GOVS. Also GUV.
gox Gaseous oxygen > GOXES.
goy A Gentile > GOYIM or GOYS.
grr an interjection used to express anger or annoyance.
gub A white man > GUBS.
gue A violin formerly used in Shetland > GUES. Also GU, GJU.
gul A design in oriental carpets > GULS.
gum To smear or coat with gum > GUMS, GUMMING, GUMMED.
gun A weapon for discharging explosive projectiles; to discharge such projectiles > GUNS, GUNNING, GUNNED.
gup Gossip, prattle > GUPS.
gur An unrefined, sweet cane sugar > GURS.
gus (Pl.) GU, a Shetland violin.
gut The intestine; (verb) to take the guts out of (a fish, etc.) > GUTS, GUTTING, GUTTED.
guv (Abbr.) governor > GUVS. Also GOV.
guy To make fun of > GUYS, GUYING, GUYED.
gym (Abbr.) gymnasium > GYMS.
gyp To swindle > GYPS, GYPPING, GYPPED. Also GIP.
had (Scots) to hold > HADS, HADDING, HAD.
hae (Scots) to have > HAES, HAEING, HAEN, HAED.
hag (Scots) to hack or hew > HAGS, HAGGING, HAGGED.
hah A sound of surprise > HAHS.
haj A Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca > HAJES (HAJJES exists as pl. of HAJJ).
ham To overact, exaggerate > HAMS, HAMMING, HAMMED.
han (Spenser) 3rd person plural of HAVE.
hao A monetary unit of Vietnam > HAO. No -S.
hap To happen by chance > HAPS, HAPPING, HAPPED.
has (3rd pers sing. pres.) HAVE.
hat To provide with a hat > HATS, HATTING, HATTED.
haw To make indecisive noises > HAWS, HAWING, HAWED.
hay To make hay > HAYS, HAYING, HAYED.
heh A Hebrew letter > HEHS.
hem An edge or border; (verb) to form a hem on > HEMS, HEMMING, HEMMED.
hen To challenge to a daring act > HENS, HENNING, HENNED.
hep A rosehip > HEPS.
her Pronoun representing a female person or thing.
hes (Pl.) HE, a male person.
het A heterosexual > HETS.
hew To cut with blows > HEWS, HEWING, HEWN, HEWED.
hex To bring misfortune > HEXES, HEXING, HEXED.
hey To dance a hey, a winding country dance > HEYS, HEYING, HEYED.
hic Interj. representing a hiccup.
hid (Pt.) HIDE, to conceal.
hie To hurry along > HIES, HIEING or HYING, HIED. Also HYE.
him Pronoun or noun representing a male person or thing > HIMS+.
hin A Hebrew liquid measure > HINS.
hip Trendy > HIPPER, HIPPEST; HIPLY+; (verb) to carry on the hip > HIPS, HIPPING, HIPPED or HIPT.
his Of or belonging to a male person or thing.
hit To strike > HITS, HITTING, HIT.
hmm Interj. expressing thoughtful consideration. Also HM.
hoa To stop > HOAS, HOAING, HOAED.
hob To furnish with hobnails > HOBS, HOBBING, HOBBED.
hoc (Lat.) this.
hod To bob or jog > HODS, HODDING, HODDED.
hoe A tool for loosening the earth; (verb) to use a hoe > HOES, HOEING, HOED.
hog A kind of pig; (verb) to use selfishly > HOGS, HOGGING, HOGGED.
hoh (Obs.) to stop > HOHS, HOHING, HOHED.
hoi Interj. used to attract attention.
hom+ (Persian) a sacred plant of the ancient Persians > HOMS+. Also HOMA+.
hon (Abbr.) honey, as a term of endearment > HONS.
hoo (Shakespeare) interj. expressing boisterous emotion.
hop To leap on one leg > HOPS, HOPPING, HOPPED.
hos (Pl.) HO, an interjection.
hot Very warm > HOTTER, HOTTEST; HOTLY; (verb) to heat > HOTS, HOTTING, HOTTED.
how A manner or means > HOWS.
hox (Shakespeare) to hamstring > HOXES, HOXING, HOXED.
hoy To incite > HOYS, HOYING, HOYED.
hub The centre of a wheel > HUBS.
hue A colour or tint > HUES, HUED (having a HUE).
hug To embrace > HUGS, HUGGING, HUGGED.
huh Interj. expressing non-understanding.
hui A Maori gathering > HUIS.
hum To make a sound like bees > HUMS, HUMMING, HUMMED.
hun A barbarous and destructive person > HUNS.
hup To turn a horse to the right > HUPS, HUPPING, HUPPED.
hut To settle in a hut > HUTS, HUTTING, HUTTED.
hye To hasten > HYES, HYEING, HYED.
hyp To offend > HYPS, HYPPING, HYPPED (HYPING and HYPED exist, from HYPE).
ice Frozen water; (verb) to cool with ice > ICES, ICING, ICED.
ich To eke > ICHES, ICHING, ICHED. Also ECH.
ick Interj. used to express disgust.
icy Covered with ice > ICIER, ICIEST; ICILY.
ide A type of fish > IDES.
ids (Pl.) ID, a term in psychology.
iff 'If and only if' as used in logic.
ifs (Pl.) IF, a condition.
igg+ To ignore, snub > IGGS+, IGGING+, IGGED+.
ilk A type or kind > ILKS.
ill Unwell > ILLER, ILLEST; ILLY; (noun) harm, misfortune > ILLS.
imp To engraft (a hawk) with new feathers > IMPS, IMPING, IMPED.
ing a meadow, esp one beside a river > INGS
ink A coloured liquid used in writing; (verb) to colour with ink > INKS, INKED, INKING.
inn A hostelry; (verb) to put up at an inn > INNS, INNING, INNED.
ins (3rd.) IN, to take in.
ion An electrically charged particle > IONS.
ios (Pl.) IO, a cry of 'io'.
ire To anger > IRES, IRING, IRED.
irk To annoy or weary > IRKS, IRKING, IRKED.
ish Legal word meaning issue or expiry > ISHES.
ism Any distinctive theory or fad > ISMS.
iso (Abbr.) isolated replay, a TV and film facility > ISOS.
ita The miriti palm > ITAS.
its Of or belonging to something.
ivy A climbing evergreen plant > IVIES, IVIED.
iwi+ (Maori) a tribe: the pl. IWIS was already valid meaning 'in truth'.
jab To poke or stab > JABS, JABBING, JABBED.
jag A sharp projection; to pierce > JAGS, JAGGING, JAGGED.
jai+ (Hindi) victory (to). No -S.
jak An East Indian tree > JAKS.
jam A conserve made with fruit and sugar; (verb) to block up > JAMS, JAMMING, JAMMED.
jap (verb) short form of japan, to apply a black lacquer to > JAPS, JAPPING, JAPPED.
jar A wide-mouthed container; (verb) to put in jars > JARS, JARRING, JARRED.
jaw To chatter at length > JAWS, JAWING, JAWED.
jay A bird of the crow family > JAYS.
jee Of horses, to urge on > JEES, JEEING, JEED. Also GEE.
jet A stream of liquid; a jetplane; (verb) to travel by jet > JETS, JETTING, JETTED.
jeu (Fr.) a game > JEUX.
jew To haggle, get the better of > JEWS, JEWING, JEWED.
jib To show objection > JIBS, JIBBING, JIBBED.
jig A lively dance; (verb) to dance a jig; to jump up and down > JIGS, JIGGING, JIGGED.
jin A supernatural being in Muslim mythology > JINS.
jiz A wig > JIZZES. Also GIZZ.
job A task, an employment; (verb) to work at jobs > JOBS, JOBBING, JOBBED.
joe (Scots) a sweetheart > JOES. Also JO.
jog To run at a slow, steady pace > JOGS, JOGGING, JOGGED.
jol+ (S. Afr.) to have a good time > JOLS+, JOLING, JOLED.
jor The second movement of a raga > JORS.
jot A little bit; (verb) to note down > JOTS, JOTTING, JOTTED.
jow To toll a bell > JOWS, JOWING, JOWED.
joy (Obs.) to rejoice > JOYS, JOYING, JOYED.
jud A mass of coal > JUDS.
jug A pottery jar; (verb) to stew in a jug > JUGS, JUGGING, JUGGED.
jun A coin of North Korea > JUN. No -S.
jus A Latin word for a law or legal right > JURA.
jut To project > JUTS, JUTTING, JUTTED.
kab An ancient Hebrew unit of measure > KABS.
kae To serve > KAES, KAING or KAEING, KAED.
kaf A Hebrew letter > KAFS. Also KAPH.
kai In New Zealand, a meal > KAIS.
kak+ (S. Afr.) faeces, rubbish > KAKS+.
kam Awry, twisted, distorted.
kas (Pl.) KA, the spirit or soul.
kat An East African shrub > KATS. Also QAT, KHAT.
kaw To caw > KAWS, KAWING, KAWED.
kay The letter 'K' > KAYS.
kea A large New Zealand parrot > KEAS.
keb To give birth to a stillborn lamb > KEBS, KEBBING, KEBBED.
ked A wingless fly that infests sheep > KEDS.
kef A drug that produces a dreamy repose > KEFS. Also KIF.
keg A small cask; (verb) to put in kegs > KEGS, KEGGING+, KEGGED+.
ken To know > KENS, KENNING, KENNED or KENT.
ket (Scots) carrion, rotting flesh > KETS.
kex A dry stalk > KEXES.
key An instrument for locking; (verb) to enter (data) into a computer > KEYS, KEYING, KEYED.
khi A Greek letter > KHIS. Also CHI.
kid A young goat; a child; (verb) to hoax or deceive > KIDS, KIDDING, KIDDED.
kif A drug that produces a dreamy repose > KIFS. Also KEF.
kin One's relations > KINS.
kip A nap; to have a nap or sleep > KIPS, KIPPING, KIPPED.
kir A wine and blackcurrant drink > KIRS.
kis+ (Pl.) KI+, the spirit of Japanese martial art.
kit To outfit, provide with equipment > KITS, KITTING, KITTED.
koa A Hawaiian acacia > KOAS.
kob An African waterbuck > KOBS.
koi (Japanese) a large Japanese carp > KOIS+.
kon (Spenser) to know > KONS, KONNING, KOND.
kop A South African word for hill > KOPS.
kor A Hebrew unit of measure > KORS.
kos An Indian measure of distance > KOSES (KOSSES exists as pl. of KOSS). Also COSS, KOSS.
kow A bunch of twigs > KOWS.
kue The letter Q > KUES.
kye Cows, cattle. Also KY. A Korean-American commercial club > KYES+.
kyu A novice grade in judo > KYUS.
lab (Abbr.) laboratory > LABS.
lac A dark-red resin > LACS.
lad A boy or youth > LADS.
lag A delay; (verb) to fall behind > LAGS, LAGGING, LAGGED.
lah A musical note > LAHS. Also LA.
lam To beat > LAMS, LAMMING, LAMMED.
lap A circuit of a race track; (verb) to scoop up with the tongue > LAPS, LAPPING, LAPPED.
lar The god relating to a house > LARES or LARS.
las (Pl.) LA, a musical note.
lat (Abbr.) latrine > LATS; a Latvian unit of currency > LATI or LATU+.
lav (Abbr.) LAVATORY > LAVS.
law (Scots) low > LAWER, LAWEST; (obs.) to take to court > LAWS, LAWING, LAWED.
lax Slack, careless > LAXER, LAXEST; LAXLY; (noun) a kind of salmon > LAXES.
lay To deposit, place horizontal > LAYS, LAYING, LAID or (in special senses) LAYED.
lea A meadow or pasture > LEAS. Also LEY.
led (Pt.) LEAD, to conduct.
lee (Scots) to tell a lie > LEES, LEEING, LEED.
leg A limb for walking and standing; (verb) to walk briskly > LEGS, LEGGING, LEGGED.
lei A garland or wreath > LEIS.
lek An Albanian unit of currency > LEKE or LEKU; a piece of ground where blackcock gather and display; (verb) to perform such a display > LEKS, LEKKING, LEKKED.
lep (Dial.) to leap > LEPS, LEPPING, LEPPED or LEPT.
les (Abbr.) lesbian > LESES. Also LEZ, LEZZ.
let To allow > LETS, LETTING, LET or (Scots) LOOT; (Scots) LITTEN, LOOTEN, LUTTEN; to hinder > LETS, LETTING, LETTED.
leu A unit of Romanian currency > LEU. No -S.
lev A unit of Bulgarian currency > LEVA. Also LEW.
lew A unit of Bulgarian currency > LEVA. Also LEV.
lex (Lat.) law > LEXES or LEGES.
ley A meadow > LEYS. Also LEA.
lez (Abbr.) lesbian > LEZES or LEZZES. Also LES, LEZZ.
lib To geld > LIBS, LIBBING, LIBBED.
lid To provide with a lid > LIDS, LIDDING, LIDDED.
lie A false statement; to tell a lie > LIES, LYING, LIED; to be in a horizontal position > LIES, LYING, LAIN, LAY.
lig To lie about, idle > LIGS, LIGGING, LIGGEN, LIGGED.
lin To cease > LINS, LINNING, LINNED.
lip To touch with the lips > LIPS, LIPPING, LIPPED.
lis A fleur-de-lis > LIS.
lit A monetary unit of Lithuania > LITS. Also LITAS.
lob To throw gently > LOBS, LOBBING, LOBBED.
lod A statistic relating to the odds of an event > LODS.
log To enter into a record > LOGS, LOGGING, LOGGED.
loo To love > LOOS, LOOING, LOOED. Also LOU+.
lop To cut off unnecessary parts > LOPS, LOPPING, LOPPED.
lor Colloq. for lord, interj. expressing surprise.
los (Obs.) praise, reputation. Also LOOS .
lot To allot > LOTS, LOTTING, LOTTED.
lou+ (Scots) to love > LOUS+, LOUING+, LOUED+. Also LOO.
low Not high > LOWER, LOWEST; LOWLY; (verb) to make the noise of cattle > LOWS, LOWING, LOWED.
lox Liquid oxygen; (verb) to supply with lox > LOXES, LOXING, LOXED.
loy A long, narrow spade > LOYS.
lud (Obs.) lord > LUDS.
lug To pull or drag with difficulty > LUGS, LUGGING, LUGGED.
lum (Scots) a chimney > LUMS.
lun a lee > LUNS.
lur A Bronze Age trumpet > LURS.
luv Love, as a term of endearment > LUVS.
lux A unit of illumination > LUXES or LUCES.
luz A supposedly indestructible bone > LUZZES.
lye A short branch of a railway > LYES.
lym (Shakespeare) a leash, or lyam-hound > LYMS.
maa To bleat as a goat > MAAS, MAAING, MAAED.
mac (Abbr.) mackintosh > MACS.
mad Insane > MADDER, MADDEST; MADLY; (verb) to drive mad > MADS, MADDING, MADDED.
mae More.
mag To tease or chatter > MAGS, MAGGING, MAGGED.
mak (Scots) to make > MAKS, MAKING, MADE.
mal (Fr.) pain, sickness > MALS.
mam (Dial.) mother > MAMS.
man An adult human male > MEN; (verb) to provide with a (human) operator > MANS, MANNING, MANNED.
map A diagram of the surface of the earth, etc.; (verb) to make a map of > MAPS, MAPPING, MAPPED.
mar To spoil or damage > MARS, MARRING, MARRED or MARD.
mas A house or home in the south of France (pl. MAS, but MASES exists from MASE).
mat To entangle > MATS, MATTING, MATTED.
max (Obs.) gin, the drink; (verb) to reach the full extent > MAXES, MAXING+, MAXED+.
may Hawthorn blossom; (verb) to gather may > MAYS, MAYING, MAYED.
med (Abbr.) medical, medicine > MEDS+.
mee+ (Chinese) in Malaysia, noodles or a dish containing noodles > MEES+.
meg A halfpenny > MEGS.
meh mediocre or boring; an expression of indifference or boredom
mel Honey > MELS.
mem A Hebrew letter > MEMS.
men (Pl.) MAN, an adult human male.
mes (Pl.) ME, a musical note.
met (Abbr.) meteorology > METS.
meu The spignel plant > MEUS.
mew (Of a cat) to make a high pitched cry > MEWS, MEWING, MEWED.
mho A unit of electrical inductance > MHOS.
mib A type of playing marble > MIBS. Also MIG.
mic+ (Abbr.) MICROPHONE > MICS+.
mid The middle > MIDS.
mig A type of playing marble > MIGS. Also MIB.
mil A unit of wire measurement > MILS.
mim Prim and proper > MIMMER, MIMMEST.
mir A Muslim ruler > MIRS; a Russian farming community > MIRS or MIRI.
mis (Pl.) MI, a musical note.
mix To mingle > MIXES, MIXING, MIXED or MIXT.
miz (Abbr.) misery > MIZZES.
mmm an interjection expressing agreement or enjoyment.
mna A Greek unit of weight or money > MNAS. Also MANEH, MINA.
moa A gigantic extinct bird > MOAS.
mob A disorderly crowd; (verb) to form into a mob > MOBS, MOBBING, MOBBED.
moc A moccasin > MOCS.
mod A competitive festival of Gaelic literature, music, and drama > MODS.
moe A wry face > MOES.
mog To move away > MOGS, MOGGING, MOGGED.
moi (Fr.) me, facetiously used in English.
mol A unit of molecular concentration > MOLS. Also MOLE.
mom (US. coll.) mother > MOMS.
mon (Japanese) a Japanese family badge or crest (pl. MON, but MONS exists in its own right as a singular, a protuberance of the body, with plural MONTES).
moo (Of cattle) to low > MOOS, MOOING, MOOED.
mop A sponge, etc., on a stick; (verb) to clean with a mop > MOPS, MOPPING, MOPPED.
mor A layer of humus > MORS.
mos (Pl.) MO, a moment.
mot (Fr.) a word > MOTS.
mou (Scots) a mouth > MOUS.
mow To cut the grass on > MOWS, MOWING, MOWN, MOWED.
moy A coin or a measure > MOYS.
moz A type of curse > MOZZES. Also MOZZ.
mud To bury or hide in mud > MUDS, MUDDING, MUDDED.
mug A cup with vertical sides; (verb) to attack from behind > MUGS, MUGGING, MUGGED.
mum To act in a mime > MUMS, MUMMING, MUMMED.
mun (Dial.) man > MUNS.
mus (Pl.) MU, a Greek letter.
mut A mongrel, a blockhead > MUTS. Also MUTT.
mux To spoil, botch > MUXES, MUXING, MUXED.
myc+ A cancer-causing gene > MYCS+.
nab To seize > NABS, NABBING, NABBED.
nae (Scots) no.
nag A small horse; (verb) to worry or annoy constantly > NAGS, NAGGING, NAGGED.
nah (Coll.) no.
nam Distraint > NAMS. Also NAAM.
nan Slightly leavened bread > NANS. Also NAAN.
nap To take a short sleep > NAPS, NAPPING, NAPPED.
nas (Obs.) contraction of NE HAS, has not and NE WAS, was not.
nat (Coll.) nationalism > NATS.
nav (short for) navigation > NAVS.

naw (Coll.) no.
nay A denial > NAYS.
neb A bird's bill; (verb) to put a bill on > NEBS, NEBBING, NEBBED.
ned A young hooligan > NEDS.
nee (Of a woman) born.
nef A church nave > NEFS.
neg+ A photographic negative > NEGS+.
nek (S. Afr.) a col, a pass in a mountain range > COLS.
nep (Dial.) catmint, a plant attractive to cats > NEPS.
net An open material, formed into meshes; (verb) to catch (fish) in a net > NETS, NETTING, NETTED.
new Of recent origin > NEWER, NEWEST; NEWLY; (verb, obs.) to renew > NEWS, NEWING, NEWED.
nib To provide with a nib > NIBS, NIBBING, NIBBED.
nid A pheasant's nest or brood > NIDS.
nie (Obs.) to nigh, approach > NIES, NYING, NIED. Also NYE.
nil Nothing > NILS.
nim To take or steal > NIMS, NIMMING, NIMMED.
nip A small quantity of spirits; (verb) to pinch > NIPS, NIPPING, NIPPED.
nis A brownie or goblin in Scandinavian folklore > NISSES.
nit A young louse; a fool > NITS.
nix A water-sprite > NIXE or NIXES; (verb) to veto or cancel > NIXES, NIXING, NIXED.
nob A person of high social rank > NOBS.
nod To move the head forward in assent or greeting > NODS, NODDING, NODDED.
nog To fix with a nog, a wooden peg > NOGS, NOGGING, NOGGED.
noh A traditional style of Japanese drama > NOH. No -S.
nom (Fr.) name > NOMS.
non (Lat.) not.
noo (Scots) now.
nor And not; neither.
nos (Pl.) NO, a word of negation.
not Word expressing denial, negation or refusal.
now The present time > NOWS.
nox Nitrogen oxide > NOXES.
noy (Spenser) to annoy > NOYS, NOYING, NOYED.
nth Implying a large number.
nub To hang > NUBS, NUBBING, NUBBED.
nug a chunk of wood sawn from a log > NUGS.
nun A female member of a religious order > NUNS.
nur A knot on a tree > NURS. Also KNUR.
nus (Pl.) NU, a Greek letter.
nut An edible seed in a hard shell; (verb) to look for and gather nuts > NUTS, NUTTING, NUTTED.
nye (Obs.) to nigh, approach > NYES, NYING, NYED. Also NIE.
nym as in nym war, a dispute about the right to publish material on the Internet under a fictitious name.
nys (Spenser) is not.