The lexicon (1) (i.e. all allowable words) of Competitive Scrabble is made up of over 276,000 words, including inflected forms. It spans the whole range of vocabulary in English, including words from slang, dialect, American English etc., which are not normally found in the dictionaries most commonly used when playing Scrabble.


Below are comprehensive lists of the 2 and 3 letter words. Knowledge of these words is essential to play competitive Scrabble. Players with fewer than fifty games to their name can refer to these lists during games. For a printable list of 2 letter words, please click here. For a printable list of 3 letter words, please click here.


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36th Malta National Scrabble Championship:

Bingos Words & Meanings

[1] The word source of choice in CS is Collins Scrabble Words, which combines the words in the Collins Dictionary with those in the Chambers Dictionary and with those in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate. The latest version of CSW was published in 2019. You can find new 2 and 3 letter words marked with an asterisk at the top of the list below. Click here for a complete CSW19 Initation Kit.


2 Letter Words A-Z  •  3 Letter Words A-N  •  3 Letter Words O-Z
*ew interjection expressing disgust No -S Also EEW, EEEW
*ok interjection expressing assent No -S Also OKAY
*ze a gender-neutral 3rd person singular subjective pronoun, used instead of 'they' No -S
aa (Hawaiian) a type of lava > AAS.
ab An abdominal muscle > ABS.
ad (Coll.) advertisement > ADS.
ae (Scots) one. No -S.
ag (Abbr.) agricultural; (noun) agriculture > AGS+.
ah Interjection expressing surprise, joy etc > AHS, AHING, AHED.
ai (Tupi) the three-toed sloth > AIS.
al An E. Indian shrub > ALS.
am Present tense of be.
an Indefinite article > ANS
ar The letter r > ARS.
as In whatever way; (noun) a Norse god > pl. AESIR; a gravel ridge or KAME > pl. ASAR; a Roman coin > pl. ASSES.
at Preposition denoting position in space or time > ATS
aw Interjection expressing disappointment, sympathy etc.
ax (US) axe > AXES.
ay (Noun) an affirmative vote > AYS. Also AYE.
ba In ancient Egyptian religion, the soul > BAS.
be To exist.
bi (Abbr.) bisexual > BIS.
bo Fellow; pal, buddy > BOS.
by Beside, near; (noun) same as BYE > BYS.
ch (Obs. dial.) pronoun meaning I.
da (Burmese) a heavy Burmese knife > DAS. Also DAH.
de From (as used in names).
di (Pl.) DEUS, a god.
do To perform > DOES, DOING, DID, DONE.
ea (Dial.) river > EAS.
ee (Scots) eye > EEN.
ef The letter f.
eh Interjection expressing enquiry; (verb) to say 'eh' > EHS, EHING, EHED.
el The letter l > ELS.
em The letter M; a unit of measurement in printing > EMS.
en The letter N; a unit in printing > ENS.
er An interjection expressing hesitation.
es The letter S > ESES. Also ESS.
et (Obs.) pt. EAT.
ex The letter X; someone no longer in a previous relationship > EXES; (verb) to cross out > EXING+, EXED+.
fa A musical note, as in sol-fa > FAS.
fe+ (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > FES+
fy An interjection expressing reproach. No -S hook. Also FIE.
gi (Japanese) a judo or karate costume > GIS. Also GIE.
go To pass from one place to another > GOES, GOING, WENT, GONE; (noun) a board game > GOS.
gu (ON) a kind of violin formerly used in the Shetlands. Also GUE, GJU.
ha An interjection expressing e.g. surprise.
he A male person > HES.
hi An interjection calling attention.
hm An interjection expressing hesitation. Also HMM.
ho Interjection calling attention, expressing surprise etc. Also HOH.
id A fish of the carp family > IDS. Also IDE.
if On condition that; (noun) a condition > IFS.
in (Verb) to take in > INS, INNING, INNED.
io An interjection expressing joy, triumph, grief; (noun) a cry of 'io' > IOS.
is (3rd.) BE, to exist.
it The neuter of he she him or her.
ja+ Yes.
jo (Scots) a loved one > JOES.
ka The spirit or soul of a dead person; (verb) to serve > KAS, KAING, KAED. Also KAE.
ki+ (Japanese) the spirit of Japanese martial art > KIS+. Also QI, CHI.
ko (Maori) a digging-stick > KOS.
ky Cattle. No -S. Also KYE.
la A musical note > LAS.
li (Chinese) a Chinese unit of distance > LIS.
lo An interjection meaning see, look.
ma (Coll.) mother > MAS.
me A musical note > MES.
mi A musical note > MIS.
mm An interjection expressing agreement.
mo A moment > MOS.
mu (Greek) a letter of the Greek alphabet > MUS.
my Of or belonging to me.
na (Scots) no, not at all.
ne (Obs.) not.
no Word of negation > NOS or NOES.
nu (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > NUS.
ny (Verb) to approach > NYES, NYING, NYED. Also NIE > NIES, NYING, NIES.
ob An objection > OBS.
od A hypothetical force; an old word for god, often used as a mild oath > ODS.
oe (Scots) a grandchild > OES. Also OY, OYE.
of Belonging to.
oh An interjection; (verb) to say OH > OHS, OHING, OHED.
oi An interjection used to express attention. > OIS
om An intoned Hindu sacred symbol > OMS.
on (Verb) to go on with, to put up with > ONS, ONNING, ONNED.
oo (Scots) wool > OOS.
op (Abbr.) operation > OPS.
or (Noun) the heraldic tincture gold > ORS.
os (Lat.) 1. a bone > OSSA. 2. a mouthlike opening > ORA.
ou (Scots) an interjection expressing concession; (noun) a bloke > OUS+.
ow An interjection expressing pain.
ox A bovine animal > OXEN; also, a clumsy person > OXES.
oy (Scots) a grandchild > OYS. Also OE, OYE.
pa (Maori) a hill fort > PAS. Also PAH.
pe (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > PES. Also PEH, FEH.
pi (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > PIS.
po (Abbr.) chamberpot > POS.
qi (Chinese) the physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers > QIS.
re A musical note > RES.
sh An interjection requesting silence. Also SHA, SHH.
si An earlier form of TI, a musical note.
so In such a way; (noun) a musical note > SOS.
st An interjection requesting silence.
ta An interjection expressing thanks > TAS.
te (in tonic sol-fa) seventh degree of any major scale, TES
ti A musical note; a small Pacific tree > TIS.
to In the direction of, towards.
ug To dread, loathe > UGS, UGGING, UGGED. [ON ugga, to fear, dread].
uh An interjection expressing surprise.
um An interjection expressing doubt or hesitation. Also UMM > UMS
un (Dial.) one > UNS.
up (Verb) to move up > UPS, UPPING, UPPED.
ur An interjection expressing hesitation.
us Pronoun.
ut A musical note > UTS.
we Pronoun.
wo Woe > WOS.
xi (Greek) a letter in the Greek alphabet > XIS.
xu A Vietnamese monetary unit > XU. No -S.
ya You. No -S.
ye (Arch.) you.
yo An interjection calling for effort or attention > YOS.
yu (Chinese) a precious jade > YUS.
za (Sl.) pizza > ZAS
zo (Tibetan) a kind of yak > ZOS. Also ZHO, DZO, DSO, DZHO.