Ehree tenners to sing together

Now hanging by a thread on the cusp of Spring, Scrabble in Malta is set to come abloom with lots of colourful activity. 


The Freedom Day One-Day Tournament, on 31 March, will be seasoned with the near certain return to the playing scene of ten-time National Champion Theresa Brousson (shown in photo). How intact her amazing word knowledge and playing skills will be after a near two-year absence is anybody's guess. However, all those who know her well will harbour no doubts as to whether her drive and enthusiasm for the game still are as strong as they were in her heyday. 


At the same time, Brousson's many supporters will be hoping her return to the game carries on a month later in the MIS0th, or the tenth edition of the annual Malta International Scrabble Open in which tens of competitive Scrabble players from all over the world will be meeting on the tenth floor of the be.Hotel in Bay Street, St Julian's to play Scrabble against the bright blue backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.  


These mouth-watering prospects lingering on the horizon make these few days until Spring seem like an eternity!


(penned and published by Nicky Vella Laurenti)