Eative and victorious

Muscat & Caruana Come Out On Top In 2-Day Tournament

There’s always that something special in the air when Cecil Muscat (photo) and Joseph Caruana, two Maltese veteran Scrabble players and longtime overseas residents, return to their home land and club.


But rarely has this vibe been as strong as it was recently when the two men placed first and second respectively in the 2-day Scrabble Tournament organised by the Malta Scrabble Club within the framework of the second edition of the Mediterranean Gaming Week (photo).


In the 14-game contest, Muscat was by far the best performer after winning 12 games, three better than his fellow Maltese expat and UK resident. But Caruana outperformed Muscat on the second day, taking home the prize for the best-performing Day 2 player and, importantly, beating Albert Zammit in the final round to claim the runner-up spot ahead of Zammit, himself a former Maltese expat.


Muscat was unbeaten after Day 1, but slipped up twice in the first three games on Day 2. However, the 2018 best-improved MISO player recovered from there to hold on to the tournament top spot and to fourth place on the national ratings ladder


At the end of the final day, Mark Borg, the organiser of the Mediterranean Gaming Week, which brought together a colourful variety of games and gamers under the lavish roof of the Casino Maltese in Valletta, presented the pair with their well-deserved prizes.

(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti, photo credit: Mark Borg)