Emall fish eat bigger fish

They lay low and meek like bottom feeders, living off the odd win to fight another day. When the day arrived, Kevin Pirotta (upper photo) and Frans Farrugia (right in lower photo), third ranked in their respective Phase 1 groups in the Rich Red Spring League, boldly swam up to shallower waters thanks to the repechage of the best two third placed and, opening their mouths wide, swallowed their bigger higher-ranked opponents in the quarter-finals, Josephine Mayo and Christine Strawbridge respectively, whole with a straight, neat 2-0 scoreline. 


But there was more food for the foraging pair in the parallel Pale Pink Spring League, where Farrugia and Pirotta buoyantly secured qualification to the higher section in the Final Phase after placing second and third respectively in their Phase 1 groups. 


With the two set to encounter two mightier women in Theresa Brousson and Moira Fenech in the semifinals, it is dubious how much longer they can survive out of their depth. What is sure is that neither of them will go down without a fight and without having grown stronger and taller in the tough playing hierarchy of competitive Scrabble.


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(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti (Promotions, Malta Scrabble Club, photo credit John Chew)