Emall, short and sweet

When something simply tastes divine, even a tiny morsel of it placed delicately on your tongue is enough to give you gustatory bliss. 


The Malta Scrabble Club recently applied this basic rule of gastronomy when holding the first ever Short Interleague Tournament (SIT), consisting of no more than six games played over two evenings in the same week. This novel event, of which another three are planned for the course of the year, attracted not only hardcore Scrabble gourmets but also those who, whether by necessity or by choice, are moderate consumers of the game. 


Among the latter was Nicky Vella Laurenti who, playing in his first national competition for the year, placed third after twice crashing against the juggernaut of Theresa Brousson, who won the event undefeated and extended her lead at the top of the ratings table.


Taking advantage of Laurenti's failure to make any inroads into Brousson's dominance, Josephine Mayo placed second. Maria Sciclcuna (see photo) was in splendid form, finishing fourth overall to take home the Ratings prize. 


Moira Fenech won the special prize by virtue of registering the shortest win of the tournament in just twelve minutes of (her) play.


Click here for full results.


(penned & published by Nicky V Laurenti (Promotions), photo credit John Chew)