Ehe second comeback - Summer League 2021

League Scrabble to resume on the first day of summer


If with a little stretch of the imagination we compare this year's Scrabble proceedings to a contest between Covid-19 and Competitive Scrabble, it would be uncannily similar to the first match the inimical pair played last year.


This fierecely fought game ended in an overall tie, with Covid-19 again getting off to a better start, hooking on to the N of 'SPRING' to bingo with 'LOCKDOWN', and Competitive Scrabble responding in kind to play 'COMEBACK' off one of the Ms in 'SUMMER'.


One year on here we are again. After yet another aborted Spring League, it is left to its estival counterpart to bring Scrabble-playing activity back to life. Let's hope this is the final comeback!


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(penned, prepared & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti)

Venue: King George V Recreational Grounds, Floriana

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