Eeturn, Revive, Relive....MISO13

Friday the 13th March 2020 With just over a month to go before its inception, MISO13-SWC7 is provisionally counting over 60 entrants from 18 different countries, all eager to meet in Malta for an exciting mix of sun, sea, sites and Scrabble. But this eagerness soon turns into disappointment as the quadruple event is cancelled due to Covid-19. 

March-December 2020 The happy oasis of international competitive Scrabble all but dries up under the scorching impact of the pandemic. Scrabble lovers all over the world thirst for their favourite game, yet their special and intense longing is trumped by ordinary and more pressing concerns over their health, finances and distance from their loved ones.

January-June 2021 As Covid-19 vaccines rain down on the world, a small rainbow of events appears on the international calendar bringing hope of a long-awaited rennaissance of in-person competitive Scrabble. 

5-11 November 2021 One such event is none other than MISO13, rescheduled for the coming fall. This is when the global fight against the pandemic will hopefully be nearing its end, and Malta typically enjoys a spell of warm, balmy weather.



More than a year on from its abrupt but inevitable cancellation, the return of MISO13 is seeking to revive the movement and meeting of Scrabble-loving folks across borders, allowing them to relive the immense joy and thrill of playing in person, coupled with the sweet pleasure of seeing, dining and staying in the Maltese Islands.


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 (penned, prepared & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti)

Venue: Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, St Julian's, Malta

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