Eheresa Brousson wins English Open

Theresa Brousson in action

The local Scrabble community is rejoicing at the news that the Malta’s top competitive Scrabble player, Theresa Brousson, has won this year’s English Scrabble Open, one of the toughest and most prestigious events on the British Scrabble calendar.  Brousson managed the feat against a daunting field of players, which included the former World champion Nigel Richards, considered by many to be the most brilliant Scrabble player currently in activity, whom Brousson beat three times in as many encounters in the course of the tournament thus forcing the New Zealander to settle for second place.  The win has hoisted Brousson to seventh place in the British overall ranking, and has boosted her confidence enormously ahead of the World Scrabble Championship in Poland later this year where Brousson, together with David Delicata, will be Malta’s flagbearer.